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Our specialists provide rehabilitation services for a wide variety of conditions. Our rehabilitation programs include balance therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitation, industrial rehabilitation and spine rehabilitation. We provide customized physical and balance therapy programs to correct movement dysfunction, decrease pain, and reduce the risk of falls. It is our goal to help patients improve their overall well-being and return to their normal lives. Click on the tabs below to learn more about our services.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy (PT) is an exercise program that helps you improve movement, relieve pain, encourage blood flow for faster healing, and restore your physical function and fitness level.

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  • Balance Therapy

    Balance Therapy

    AccelAbility's Balance Program consists of a thorough initial evaluation followed by a comprehensive treatment plan to address your needs. Whether your diagnosis is a result of illness or injury, treatment consists of precise corrective activities to improve strength, coordination, balance, and mobility.

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  • Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

    Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

    Sports Medicine Rehabilitation focuses on returning athletes of all ages and skill levels to their physical activities. Upon evaluation, a program will be developed for the patient that will not only return a patient to their sport/activity

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  • Industrial Rehabilitation

    Industrial Rehabilitation

    AccelAbility Balance & Therapy, Inc. offers a comprehensive Industrial Rehabilitation Program designed to meet all of your needs.

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  • Spine Rehabilitation

    Spine Rehabilitation

    Whether you have back pain, radiating arm pain, neck pain or thoracic (mid-back) pain, we can help.

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  • General Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy

    General Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy

    Physical therapists treat the consequences of disease or injury by addressing impairments, functional limitations, and/or disabilities in patients.

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  • Functional Movement Screen

    Functional Movement Screen

    The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the product of an exercise philosophy known as Functional Movement Systems. This exercise philosophy and corresponding set of resources is based on sound science

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  • Neurological Rehabilitation

    Neurological Rehabilitation

    AccelAbility Balance & Therapy offers comprehensive neurological rehabilitation services in both the Homewood and Trussville locations. Neurological rehabilitation is a program designed to improve your strength and functioning after an injury, disorder or disease of the nervous system.

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If you wish to be advised on the most appropriate treatment, please call to schedule an appointment or click to request an appointment online.

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