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  • I cannot say enough great things about Emmett and the entire AccelAbility staff. Their competence and professionalism is without equal. My knee has greatly improved in the weeks of my therapy at AccelAbility. I cannot recommend them enough. Very impressed. -
    By - John S.
    14-Jul-2022 10:04 PM
  • My therapy experience here was amazing. I am now able to perform all of my duties without any difficulty.
    By - Barbara D.
    10-May-2022 09:59 PM
  • I am very pleased with my experience at AccelAbility. The staff were very professional and showed sincere interest in my problem with hope of improvement. I would recommend this facility to others.
    By - Edward P.
    10-May-2022 09:58 PM
  • Great people who really care about you would highly recommend.They come up with a plan that works and adjust if needed wouldn't ever go to another place for my physical therapy.
    By - Kendra Williams
    19-Nov-2021 05:45 PM
  • First I would like to say I have been attending AccelAbility for about 5-6 months. When I first started I could barely stand without feeling worn out. Now I am to the point where I can not only stand...I can walk with the assistance from the harness system and walker and with the assistance from the best therapist ever, Taylor. I actually enjoy therapy because she makes it enjoyable and I can actually see my progress. Although it is hard I know it is working and I look forward to my progress in the days, weeks, and months to come! <3
    By - Porshe R.
    28-Sep-2021 06:41 PM
  • My experience with AccelAbility has been life altering. I did not realize how much I needed their help. I have yet to reach my goals however I see progress being made each session.
    By - William M.
    28-Sep-2021 06:22 PM
  • I came to AccelAbility due to problems with my back. I had problems standing for long periods of time as well as sitting for extended periods of time. The first thing that I noticed when starting the prescribed exercises was how pleasant the people were, and how pleasant the environment was. I noticed the difference the exercises were making after a few weeks. I began to get stronger as I continued doing them. Many thanks to the staff for a job well done!
    By - Earl G.
    28-Sep-2021 06:19 PM
  • I have received the most positive, supportive, sympathetic encouraging care every time I walked in the door. The entire staff is informative and knowledgeable. I would recommend AccelAbility and this staff to anyone! A very good experience. I am much better than my first visit and I have confidence they are going to heal me.
    By - Carolyn R.
    28-Sep-2021 06:14 PM
  • After 27 days in the hospital I was very weak. They have restored my health.
    By - Hutch C.
    28-Sep-2021 06:07 PM
  • I was referred to AccelAbility for balance therapy and general strengthening. Under Macie's care I have greatly improved my balance and have made great progress with how fast I can go on the treadmill. When I first started, I could not drive a car or do many chores around the house. Now I am able to drive and do chores at home. Macie is great to work with. She knows just when to increase the difficulty to keep you moving forward. I feel blessed to have had her doing my therapy.
    By - Charles K.
    28-Sep-2021 06:03 PM
  • I was referred to AccelAbility by my ENT after suffering from vertigo and lingering symptoms. I was dealing with mild balance and motion issues. The staff at AccelAbility conducted a thorough assessment, and started me on a physical therapy protocol to help alleviate my symptoms. After several weeks of therapy, I feel my symptoms have been greatly reduced. The staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. The environment is very casual and welcoming. I would definitely recommend AccelAbility!
    By - Leigh F.
    28-Sep-2021 05:56 PM
  • I have been seeing Emmett Parker and his team at Trussville. They inspire you to do better every day you are there!! If you have balance issues as I do I would definitely come to see them!!
    By - Marty H.
    22-Sep-2021 06:00 PM
  • Just had to share with you my latest achievement thanks to you. We just returned from the Easter LawFit Challenge in Virginia Beach. Among other things, I increased my sit and reach by 5 cm! In june I only got to 19 cm which cost me points and was the deciding factor to seek therapy. Last week I got 24 cm! Still about half the distance most people were but for me that was a huge gain. I can't wait to see how far I get by next June when we go back to Nationals.
    By - J.White
  • Before physical therapy I could not raise my right arm up sideways. This morning I could raise it up above my head. My shoulder is much stronger. Therapy has helped improve movement in my shoulder.
    By - J.M.
  • I am now able to walk short distances without the cane and the pain in the back of my legs has considerable diminished.
    By - M. Andrews
  • Before therapy I had a hard time picking up any weight because of my back pain. Squatting and sleeping were also very difficult. Therapy has helped me with all of this. Plus my normal daily activities.
    By - M. Anderson
  • Since beginning physical therapy, I've progressed from using a walker to a cane. I'm also able to drive independently and cook.
    By - L. Eble
  • Before physical therapy I was using a wheelchair to run errands. After leaving my last appointment I was able to walk instead.
    By - S. Piroch
  • Since beginning physical therapy, I am walking easier. Stairs are much easier to climb and not as much "knee cracking" when flexing and moving the knees. There is definitely a difference.
    By - M. Coman
  • Before I began therapy I could not manage picking up my toothbrush to brush my teeth. Now, 7-1/2 weeks later, I can hold and drink coffee, brush my teeth, and wash my head. I am still weak but I have made leaps and bounds in the past two months.
    By - C. Miller
  • I have made much progress in rehab. I can now walk without a cane at time. I am comfortable climbing and going down steps. My flexibility has improved dramatically. I look forward to rehab. My PT guys are great and push me for better results.
    By - R. Drake
  • I could barely walk and had a lot of pain. Now I am able to walk, I have a lot less pain, and I am able to stand up straight. The "hump" that was on my back is almost completely gone.
    By - B. Freeman

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