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According to the Fall Prevention Network and, every 18 seconds an older adult is in the emergency room because of a fall. Are you worried about falling in your home? Does the thought of falling and getting injured have you concerned about being able to stay in your home? At AccelAbility we are aware how important safety is to our patients and how important it is for them to be able to stay in their homes. That is why we purchased a state-of-the-art balance platform to compliment our Balance Program.

The Balance Program at our locations utilizes the balance platform to provide immediate, objective results for balance testing and training. Testing results are provided in a printed format that is easy to understand. Training simulations are easily adjusted to meet each individual’s level. Utilizing the balance platform also allows us to objectively track your progress throughout the rehabilitation program.

AccelAbility’s Balance Program consists of a thorough initial evaluation followed by a comprehensive treatment plan to address your needs. Your treatment will include precise corrective activities to improve your strength, coordination, balance, and mobility.

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While the APT Balance System is only available in Trussville, both APT locations can help patients resolve balance deficits.

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